The Math learning kit


Ramanujan Museum has completed TEN years pioneer service in conducting the only
personalize museum in the world, to project Ramanujan as a super student star. It has now developed new math learning kits, under the expert guidance of Mr.P.K.Srinivasan, our curator-director. The kits will allow the children to work on them with a minimum of teacher assistance; they are more demanding and include varied activities on one particular topic at different stages. Every child will experience the joy of discovery.

The new math kits will provide a true embodiment of the mathematical concept or ideas being explored

It is strong enough to withstand normal use handling by children
It is attractive, so as to appeal to the child¡¯s natural curiosity and desire for action.
It is manipulative and motivating.
It is simple to use manipulate.
It provides basis for abstraction.
It is designed to accommodate children¡¯s physical competencies.
It is colorful, smooth, pleasing and durable.
It promotes activities and experiments.
It will fulfill NCERT,CBSE and all state curriculums

Math kit Components
Abacus - Spike Double Six Dominos Intercepts - Areas Sets - Relations - Function
Area Concept Factorization Numbers Systems Similarrity
Circles-Intersection Fractions Opposites Square-Angie Connection
Circle-Sectors Geo Board-Square Paralleogram Tables
Circle-segment Angles Geo Board-Circle Parallel & Traversals Triangle Classification
Circles-Subtending Angles Geometrical Shapes Patterns Troangle-Equilateral
Circular Discs Geometry-Basics Place Valus Triangle-Isosceles
Complementation Identities Quadrilaterals Triangle-Right
Remember math kits are not to be considered a substitute for teaching, i.e., something one uses in lieu of teaching. There is not now , never has been, and it is hoped, never will be a genuine substitute for a good teacher who knows how and what children need to learn and when they need to learn it!

Benefits of using the kits
Rote learning and memorization will not be resorted to.
The beauty and power of mathematics gets embedded in the minds of children.
The mathematical core personalities of children gets recognized and nurtured.
All children get mathematically inclined.
Evaluation of children ¡®know why¡¯ is the enhanced remarkably.
More children opt for mathematically centered career studies later.
Passage to abstraction and generalizations that characterize mathematics is facilitated with felicity and joy.
Through hands on ¨C kick off ¨C take off experience triggered by use of kits.
Schools will discover that mathematics is picked up in less time amd through less drill.
Support service
Planning for discovery learning makes heavy demands on teachers, but it produces immediate and invigorating results. Before a mathematics laboratory can be made operational, the teacher must develop or select the activities, experiments, and problems with which the pupils will interact.
The writing of good ¡®assignment cards¡¯ takes a great deal of time. Assignment cards need to be clear, open ended, motivational, problem oriented and self-initiating and they should deal with a single theme. Moreover, pupils need to be encouraged to record their observations and make conjectures. Ramanujan museum & math Education Centre will provide all help and guidance to.
Prepare a blue print of the school ¡®Mathematics Laboratory¡±
Provide update record sheets.
Conduct workshops and seminars.
Set up a replica of Rananujan Museum
Our hope
Let us hope that in the future each teacher will be given a change to help each child reach toward the limits of his or her capacity; that each teacher will be set free to work toward the ultimate goal of ¡°math with everything¡±. This will bring not only greater progress in learning mathematics but also greater happiness to teacher and their classes.

Let us join the global scenario that presents mathematics as a part of value based culture and alter the poor image got from exam reduced curricular covered in the authoritarian way.

Let us remember, that use of kits has tuned out to be neither extra curricular, nor co-curricular but curricular.

Let us join hands to mould students to become another Srinivasa Ramanujan.

¡°What I hear, I forget,
What I see, I remember
What I do, I understand¡±

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